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Who would you say is your biggest competition this year?
Paul and Ryan—they are always on top of their game, especially Paul right now ’cause he’s killing it. I need to learn more switch stuff ’cause Paul is the master at that.

You’ve racked up some impressive sponsors. How did you go about getting them?
Well, I really started when I was nine. I was at a contest and Zoo York wanted to hook me up with boards…that led to where I’m at now.

Chaz Ortiz

Obviously, you’re not living the traditional teenage life of a 15 year old anymore. How has life changed for you since your breakout year in 2008?
I mean, it hasn’t really changed besides a bit of fame. I’m still a regular kid at school. I don’t really talk about skating at school unless my friends bring it up.

Do you have your driver’s license yet, or a car waiting in your driveway for when you do get it?
No…hopefully I get it in a little bit. No car yet either. Once I get my permit, I will definitely get one though.

What’s going to be your first car purchase?
I’m thinking about a Benz, but I’m not sure which one I want. All of their models really catch my eye since they are all really nice-looking cars.

Having turned a hobby into a career, how do you go about still making skateboarding fun instead of just a job?
I skate with my friends and try not to think of it as a job. I mostly go out and have fun with it.

What would you like to achieve within the skateboard world?
I don’t know…hopefully to be on top. I’d like to have kids think of skateboarding and associate it with my name—that would be really cool. I just want to keep skating, doing well at contests, get my pro model board and pro model shoe and just have skateboarding go as far as it can for me. To tell you the truth, I really haven’t thought that far in advance. It has been a real a blessing just to be skating, which is why I’m taking it one day at a time.

Any advice for kids that look up to you and want to be in your shoes one day?
What I say to every little kid is to just keep skating and doing what you’re doing and try your hardest while never giving up. That’s my mentality when I skate.

Photos: Sean Cronan | seancronanphotography.com

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