French Montana

Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos By Brian McGee on 18 June 2014.

French Montana

French Montana knows that the finer things in life come on four wheels. His garage is proof that luxury reigns supreme and is a testament of the rapper’s hustle throughout the years. Flossing in luxury is a norm for the Moroccan-born, New York raised lyricist (born Karim Kharbouch) who often posts pictures of private jets, envious rides and even his pet animal menagerie on his Instagram feed (he has a pet monkey named Julius Ceasor and two baby tigers). Sitting pretty in his garage are: 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost, 2013 Maserati GranTurismo, 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith, 2014 Range Rover, 2013 Ferrari California and 2013 Audi A8L.

I grew up loving that flashy life. Just basically always loved fine European cars. I guess I followed in my father’s footsteps of appreciating luxury machines.

“I grew up loving that flashy life,” he reveals. “Just basically always loved fine European cars. I guess I followed in my father’s footsteps of appreciating luxury machines.” Even his first ride screamed luxury. Where most 16 year olds get family hand-me-down vehicles, French’s first vehicle was a Range Rover HSE. “I was hustling hard and grabbed $20,000 in cash and went to a crooked dealership and bought a black Range. I didn’t even have my license. I was stupid and drove it like that for awhile.”

French Montana

It’s that hustler mentality that helped the (then aspiring rapper) come up with his series of street-flavored DVD mixtapes called “Cocaine City,” which featured his own tracks and interviews with major artists and fellow up-and-comers. The series ran for eight years (from 2002-2010), which later became a top-selling “street DVD” and exposed French to various record labels before he signed to Bad Boy Records in 2011.

Then, his first major purchase after signing a joint venture deal with P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group (this was finalized in 2012, with both Diddy and Rick Ross executive producers on his debut album) was his white Rolls-Royce Ghost in 2011. “That ride was my baby,” he details, also mentioning that it was used in his “Coke Boys 3 Intro” video. “Right now, it’s my favorite car. Even though it’s a luxury car it drives like a regular car. Like, with Lambos and Bugattis, you got to be on the right road for those types of rides, especially in New York where there are a lot of potholes around the city. My Ghost drives great on them and I take it everywhere.”

Completely satisfied with his current collection, French admits his next big purchase just might be the Bugatti he’s had his eye on. “It’s the most expensive glorified car ever,” he says. “Of course I’d want one. It’s luxury at its finest. You get one when you’ve made it; it’s a statement car.”

French Montana

Enjoying his rides stock (he says he likes to keep them “classy”), French will upgrade a car’s sound system since it’s where he usually likes to test out new music. It’s where he made sure every track on his 2013 debut album, Excuse My French, sounded perfect and will test out new singles for his sophomore effort, Mac & Cheese 4, which is due out later this year. And as the head of his record label, Coke Boys, his in-car studio sessions will come in handy when listening to tunes from his fellow Coke Boy members: Chinx Drugz, Flip, Cheeze and Lil Durk.

And if he’s in the mood for a bit of personalization, he’ll hit up his boys at Platinum Motorsport. The Ferrari he left stock to retain its already superb style, but the Audi features lots of customized goodies. It’s dressed in a full Hofele Tuning SR8 Edition body kit and sits on 22” Agetro F10 3-piece wheels wrapped in 295/25R22 Falken tires. They also added a ride-height adjustable air suspension, all-black powder coated body moldings and trim and ECU power tuning.

“I love everything they do,” he says. “George Keyshishian and the whole Platinum Motorsport Crew obviously have the best cars around and everybody in the industry copies them. If you want fly rides, you know you have to take it to Platinum so they can transform it into something even better to floss.”



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