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Leading the industry with more than 60 years of off-road expertise, 4 Wheel Parts is the premier Jeep, Truck & 4×4 retailer. With quality, aesthetics and performance in mind, 4 Wheel Parts is pleased to announce its new line of 4WP Factory Xtreme R/T tires. 

The 4WP R/T Xtreme tires were engineered and designed for the Jeep and truck owner in mind. These Xtreme  R/T tires feature a robust tread design and a 3-ply sidewall intended to give the vehicle a rugged look while the  firm side lugs protect from any sharp objects. These R/T tires have open shoulder grooves and mud ejectors that  launch dirt, mud, sand, gravel and snow while providing maximum traction. Proving these hybrid tires can handle  any off-road terrain.  

Tired of road noise? The 4WP R/T unique tread design breaks airways to prevent howling and harmonic sounds  that irritate inside the cabin. Making this tire one of the quietest on the market. The high-ration contact area on  these tires provide added stability, handling and tread-life. The 4WP Factory Xtreme R/T tires are available in a  series of 33”, 35” and 37” diameter sizes. Whether you are looking for off-road confidence or on-road manners, these tires will outperform on any terrain.