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American Expedition Vehicles, or more commonly known as AEV, is one of the world’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of OE-quality, performance-driven aftermarket parts and accessories for off-road and overlanding vehicles. We had a chance to check out a couple of AEV’s newest creations – the Colorado ZR2 Bison and the Ram Prospector XL. These two upfitted off-road rigs come off dealer lots fully ready to tackle any off-road hurdles that may impede you from getting to your remote off-road destination.

The Colorado ZR2 Bison is a collaboration between AEV and Chevrolet, offering customers an upgraded version of the ZR2 that’s capable, but more adequately equipped for technical terrain and overlanding travel.

Like the Colorado Bison, the Prospector XL is also a collaboration, but between AEV and Dodge. Customers can choose an adventure rig with menacing looks, tons of suspension travel, and great clearance for 40” tires that’s perfect for backcountry excursions and long hauls off the grid. This Ram will bulldoze through any obstacle in its path!

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