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NFL rookie Bishard “Budda” Baker is looking forward to a memorable 2017-2018 season – one that’s filled with lots of stats, wins and success. The Arizona Cardinals safety, out of the University Washington, made sure to make the most from his first preseason training camp, learning from veterans and impressing coaches. “Training camp was long,” the 21-year-old Baker admits. “But it was definitely everything I thought it would be because I have friends who are in the NFL, and they told me what to expect at training camp, so I already knew coming into it that it was going to be hard.”

The 36th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft worked hard to prove himself in the preseason, going hard each day and each game to let doubters know that despite his size (5’10” and 195 pounds, respectively), he’s bringing his A game this year no matter what. To prepare for it all, he made sure to take care of his body, eat healthy, lift weights, get in good practices with his team and watch any and all film any chance he got.

“All of my teammates are great,” he recollects. “They brought me in with open arms and anytime I had any questions for any of the veterans, I knew I could ask them, which I appreciated.” With his head in the game, Baker also admits to watching other players in his position across the league to add and to improve his technique. As a student of the game, Baker will no doubt go on to have a success run in the NFL, but he’s not going to take any chances. “I want to stay injury-free and plan to do so by just taking care of my body and studying football. I know that the more football I watch and study, the easier things will be on the field.”

But every student needs a well-needed break and when that happens, Baker plans to get some R&R with his favorite four-wheeled toys. His first big purchase after being drafted into the NFL was his Range Rover. And since he’s not the flashy type, his mods are simple, yet classy.

“I got it wrapped in a matte black and had the silver accents painted gloss black to complement the new exterior,” he describes. “The calipers are painted purple for my alma mater and the wheel center pieces have my initials on them painted in gold.” While his Range is all business, his 1962 Lincoln Continental droptop is his chill ride. “I needed something old and classy,” Baker admits. “The suicide doors are unique and I love the baby blue flakes in it that are nice on a sunny day.”

Baker’s garage is currently a work in progress and will most likely grow as he matures in the NFL, noting Von Miller’s cars (especially his BMW i8 and Chevy Camaro) as inspiration. But the ride that will truly depict his success is a Lamborghini Aventador. “I don’t even have to drive it – just to own a Lambo would be amazing! It’s been one of my favorite cars since I was a kid.”

Given Baker’s immense talent and drive to succeed, we’re putting our money on him getting his Lambo in the near future and will definitely catch up with the soon-to-be NFL star when he does!

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