Jay Perez

1964 Chevy Impala

CAR CLUB: HOU TEX RYDERS Performance Details Ls swales, full chrome and engraved Wheel Details 13@ engraved knock offs Tire Details Supreme sport 520’s Suspension Details Chrome and engraved hydraulics…

Apr 4, 2020

Jorge Arias

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

CAR CLUB: PegasusLA INSTAGRAM: @Letsroll1 Performance Details Original Wheel Details 13” 72 spoke daytons Tire Details 520 cokers Suspension Details Original Interior Details Focal Audio Other Details Vinyl wrapped trunk

Apr 3, 2020

Ray-Ray Romero

1985 Chevy Monte Carlo

CAR CLUB: New Image CC INSTAGRAM: @rayray85 Performance Details Chromed our with a belt driven compressor for air bags Wheel Details 72 Spoke straight Lace Tire Details Travel stars 155/80/13…

Apr 3, 2020