We’ve come across quite a few car connoisseurs in our years at the magazine, but none have the passion or vision that J.J. “DocZilla” Dubec possess. A veteran of our pages and our sister publication LFTD & LVLD, DocZilla has put together some of flashiest and hottest rides in recent years. At first it was his Nissan GT-R that got our attention, followed by his Ferrari 458 and then his modded out Jeep Wrangler. Now, his Acura NSX stole the show at SEMA 2017 as one of the most talked about vehicles. We caught up with the J.J. to talk about the process of putting together his latest beauty and more!

Your NSX was one of the most talked about vehicles at SEMA. How did this project all start out for you?
I personally always wished to own an Acura NSX and was very excited about the new concept and new design.This project began at SEMA 2015 when I had a discussion with Liberty Walk’s founder, Kato Wataru. He asked me what projects I thought would be cool to do for the future and we both agreed we were excited seeing the concept drawings and renderings of the new (2nd Gen) NSX, which we thought would be out in early 2016. I told him that I would be excited to do a Liberty Walk widebody project once the car was finally released.

Of course, the signature Liberty Walk widebody kit transforms the NSX into an instant classic. How did the process go and how long and who helped put it all together?
The Liberty Walk kit, in my opinion, really morphs the stock design into a more muscular, aggressive look. The suspension and exhaust were several months in development as we had to virtually design it from the drawing board using Solidworks and were custom machined as there were no off-the-shelf kits available for this new platform at the time. I worked closely with AirLift Performance and used their awesome 3H management system, along with custom dampers from Stance Suspension and custom top hats and hardware designed by SerialNine and machined and finished by Zero Division both from Vancouver, Canada. SerialNine also did the install and suspension adjustments. Armytrix Exhausts developed an all-new full titanium valvetronic exhaust for the NSX and debuted it in my car. For that I had to remove my stock exhaust and send it to Taiwan for measurement and research. They sent back the stock exhaust and a brand new full titanium version with ceramic coated downpipes. They also sent one of their chief engineers, Vixon Sy, to Vancouver to help us with the final install and implementation.

The process of assembly went very smoothly. Once Liberty Walk had the world’s first kit finally made, they shipped it out to me ASAP and we had the kit fitted and painted in about three weeks, just in time for SEMA. Body installation and paint were done by Midvan Motors in Vancouver and then final work by PhantasyKolors in Seattle. Many teams have had their expertise involved in this car. I did the fun part of cutting the fenders though! I also had a chance to have my 8-year-old kid work on the car and get in the shop with me to do some fitting of the kit and some sanding and paint prep. The aggressive wheel fitment was in conjunction with Savini Wheels and Nitto Tires and they were both really great to work with!

What are some of the other stand out modifications you have done?
I personally love some of the meticulous details that most eyes will tend to overlook. For example, the paint throughout this car has been painstakingly redone to include gloss black painting of all the stock black parts and every vent opening and most of the contours around openings were extended to include a black silhouette. This gives the car a very subtle, but noticeable, ferocity. It is best seen when next to a stock NSX. Also the littlest things like using Pro Bolt USA Titanium tapered heads and washers with the threaded inserts instead of screws. These feature custom inner and outer diameter hardware with meticulous repainting of the parts to match the body color codes.

During the process, what was the most difficult obstacle to overcome?
The toughest obstacle to overcome is a common factor encountered by most teams putting together builds for SEMA: the process involving obtaining parts (often prototypes fresh off the assembly line) and installing them in time for the show. In most cases there is limited room for error because of time constraints. If mistakes are made, imagination, skill, and effort are precious commodities. These obstacles are often the basis for wonderful friendships and stories because as we endure challenge or hardships, you get to know your team really well and it also spotlights those individuals who can withstand pressure and deadlines best.

What were your feelings on the experience before, during and after SEMA?
SEMA has a special place in my life now. I was merely an observer fiver years ago with no experience in the customization scene. Because of the generous invitations and sponsorship support since 2014, I’m happy to say that this was my fourth SEMA show in a row that I have brought new projects to each year. It’s very humbling for me because there are times when I feel that being a father and physician are my main roles in life but this drive that I have for customizing cars keeps me coming back, and I’m so grateful that I get the opportunity to do so. It really boils down to the friends and fans that support my builds, smash the like button, smash the follow button, and give encouraging comments; a lot of that helps fuel my desire to do more and aim for #whatsnext.

So you’ve showcased the GT-R, Ferrari, Jeep and NSX what can we next expect to see from your custom collection?
Hahaha!! You know, I really want to do a convertible. I’m thinking a Ferrari 458 or 488 Spider. I’m gonna start looking.

What motivates you to keep building cars?
Doing these customization projects are so much fun and I love cool cars. The motivation to keep going is innate. It stems from the desire to be artistic and flex that right-brain creativity. All day I spend in my clinics using my left-brain, the analytical, ordered, scientific side. These cars require imagination and thinking beyond constraints, and help me exercise that F7LTHY part of my personality. As a result, the cars bring a sort of balance to my life.

Do you still own the other cars? Which has been your favorite and why?
I am happy to say that I still own the GT-R, Jeep, and the NSX. I sold the Ferrari as I had space constraints and had to get rid of either the GT-R or Ferrari to make room for the Jeep and NSX. Because the GT-R was the original ride that started it all for me, there was no question I was keeping it. The NSX is just so well balanced and it’s current rarity makes it my favorite for now. But I’m going to build the new 2.0 Liberty Walk GT-R this winter and I have a feeling she may recapture center stage once again. Also I did just buy a new home so the garage situation means that another Ferrari will be in there soon.

Tell us about F7LTHY and how did it come about? Why call the brand “F7LTHY”?
F7LTHY has been a stamp that I’ve put on all my projects because it is such a meaningful symbol for me. F7LTHY represents the artistic expression that I mentioned previously. It is the paradox of my usual clean, clinical, by-the-rules lifestyle as a physician in my daily grind.

The scientific, calculating left brain side versus the creative, artistic right-brain side . Clean half vs F7LTHY half. So no matter what type of creativity or art a person loves to express, whether it be music, dance, writing, graffiti, sports, etc. everyone has that F7LTHY side to them and I encourage them to let it out and let it be a part of the balance in your life.

What’s next for F7LTHY and where will we be seeing more of the brand?
I don’t think I can neglect F7LTHY any longer. I have gotten so many requests for decals and clothing and collaborations. I think that I will really make an effort in 2018 to get a proper website going and perhaps work with retailers and established companies to get it going. I’m happy to say that I’ll be doing a fun collaboration with Liberty Walk and 808ALLDAY out of Hawaii as these guys share a common vision and vibe with me. Look out for new products coming soon. Mostly I’m thankful that folks out there will hopefully hear the message behind it and see what it is besides the trendy look or logo.

Any advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps to build their dream cars?
Yes, I’ve got the most vital piece of advice for those who wish to pursue a dream build or follow in my footsteps: if I can do it, so can you. It hasn’t been that long since I was in school, pouring over every page of the latest DUB Magazine and spending time online admiring other people’s projects. Find the time to take care of the essentials in life and work, but don’t forget to pursue those goals which also bring you great joy. Prepare to work harder than you expect, but also know that with an exemplary effort you will also encounter wonderful experiences and a truly worthwhile voyage.

What message do you have for our readers, your fans and anyone that loves automotive culture?
We all love cars and some projects are so insanely cool they literally stand out and take center stage. My message would be to take time to appreciate as many different types of cars as you can (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and try to equally appreciate the people behind them. The customization scene has people from all walks of life and all types of levels of expertise. Learn to support others efforts, advise when the time is right, and praise when it is deserved. Every single person in our scene is important and I would love to see us all recognize that better.

Tech Specs

2017 Acura NSX – Chassis # 0178
Twin Turbo Gas and Electric 3.5 L V6, All wheel drive, 9 Speed

Wheels & Tires

  • 20×13 rear and 20×10 front Savini SV67 XC wheels
  • 305/30R20 rear and 245/30R20 front Nitto NT555 G2 tires


  • Custom Stance USA Nova Dampers and Zero Division/Serial Nine air ride install w/ AirLift Performance 3H management system


  • Armytrix Full Titanium Valvetronic NSX exhaust (S/N 0001)


  • Liberty Walk NSX Widebody LB Works Full Kit (S/N 0001) w/ full carbon fiber swan neck wing
  • BASF Glasurit – Casino White Pearl
  • Graphics by Vancity Vinyl
  • Bodywork and Paint by MidVan Motors and PhantasyKolors


  • Custom alcantara headliner and full red leather Alcantara and carbon fiber interior
F7LTHY – f7lthy.net | IG – @doczilla12 | Libertywalk – libertywalk.co.jp