With Father’s Day coming up, we teamed up with the crew at PowerBass to put together a quick list of some cool items that would put a smile on any dad’s face. Check ’em out!

Powerbass XL-1200 12 Speaker Amplified Powersports Soundbar (powerbass.com)

The XL Series Soundbars were developed for the growing power sports market including UTV and Marine applications where electronics must withstand harsh environments and are perfect for the off-road world. From UTVs, to Jeeps, sand rails, dune buggies, boats and RVs the XL Series Soundbar is a great way to enjoy your favorite music. The XL Series Soundbars are available in three different models to fit your needs and mount anywhere you can mount a light bar! More info

LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian Building Set ($380; lego.com)

The Lamborghini Sian is the company’s first hybrid and was already sold out once it was revealed. But that’s okay because LEGO wants to make it available to all, offering this 3,700-piece set that features a working 8-speed gearbox, V12 engine with working pistons, scissor doors and a cockpit that looks just like the real thing. It comes in a luxurious keepsake box with an included coffee-table-style book with instructions, interviews and more images. More info

Theory11 Star Wars Playing Cards ($10; Theory11.com)

Any Star Wars fan needs a set of Theory11 Star Wars playing cards in their life. Each deck features either blue or red foil that features embossed accents and very detailed designs. The courts are made up of favorite Star Wars characters from both the Resistance or the Force, including Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke Sjywalker, Kylo Ren and others. Then on the backs, the blue or red backgrounds have illustrations such as X-wing starfighters, TIE Fighters and more. The deck is printed on sustainably forested papers and the cards come in a special box that depicts the Millennium Falcon cockpit window or the Imperial Throne Room – both adorned in reflective foil. More info

Theragun ($199; Theragun.com)

Having neck and back pains is no fun, which is why the Theragun is much needed. As the original percussion deep tissue massage device, it’s great for serious athletes or just those who work out occasionally, helping with muscle activation before training and muscle recovery afterward. Created by Theragun founder and chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland, percussive therapy aims to help with soft tissue pain, faster recovery, heal injuries, enhance performance and aid in better sleep. The massage gun reaches down to the body’s deep tissue, providing an up and down motion that helps increase circulation and break up light muscle fiber adhesions. More info

Stock Black Twill Apron ($55; Uncrate.com)

For the BBQ enthusiast or master chef of the house comes a sleek apron worth flaunting. The stock black twill apron is handmade in Chi-town and is made using premium canvas milled in the USA. It’s designed for various uses and features an adjustable neck strop and chest pocket, which has a pen slot. The twill of the apron is machine-washable, sturdy, but comfy and will break in perfectly after each use. Length is 32” so it’ll cover your Sunday’s best while cooking. More info

LEGO Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R Building Set ($70; Lego.com)

As LEGO’s first motorcycle model to actually come with a working two-speed gearbox, the new Ducati Panigale V4 R Building Set will be a rad addition to any collection. LEGO nailed the superbike’s signature features like the sleek bodywork, V4 engine and more. It also features a working suspension, realistic steering and front and rear disc brakes. The set has 646 pieces and comes with a kickstand so that the Ducati model can be displayed for all to admire. More info

Christophe Fenwick Type MM Driving Gloves ($295; christophefenwick.com)

Clutching the steering wheel of your ride will never feel better thanks to the addition of Christophe Fenwick Type MM Driving Gloves. Named after an infamous endurance race from the 1930s to 1960s, these gloves are sleek and stylish. Each Type MM gloves are made using vintage cotton crochet and vintage lambskin that gives them a worn-in look that no two pairs are the same. Each set features unique markings and colors, which makes them even more unique for the discerning driving enthusiast. Accents include a wrist closure strap combined with a nickel snap button that’s enraged with the special phoenix logo. You can choose between charcoal black or dusty yellow. More info

Leatherman Free P4 Multi-Tool ($140; leatherman.com)

Every guy needs his own multi-tool and Leatherman’s Free P4 is considered their most advanced unit ever made. It has 21 different tools – all in a compact, lightweight package that’s ergonomic and comfy to use. It has regular and needle nose pliers, standard and serrated knives, wire cutters, a saw, scissors, package opener, pry tool, file, awl, four different screwdrivers, crimper, wire stripper, can opener, ruler and more. The Leatherman Free P4 Leatherman Free P4 Multi-Tool  is made in Portland, OR, weighing only 8.6 oz. and is 1.3” high. More info

P.F. Flyers Sandlot Lo Top Sneaker ($55; pfflyers.com)

If you loved the Sandlot High Top P.F. Flyers, now you can score them in a Lo Top version. The sneakers feature the signature vertically-ribbed toe, distinctive treaded outsole and throwback branding. There’s a Posture Foundation insert for more comforta and some flat cotton laces with a retro look that’ll go with any outfit in your closet. More info

Mini Transparent Speaker ($55; transparentspeaker.com)

Stockholm-based Transparent Sound has released their new Mini Transparent Speaker, which places focus on the speaker (much like its larger counterpart). The dual full-range speakers on display thanks to the side panels of tempered glass in the single piece aluminum frame. The built-in amp drives the power, but while  built-in Bluetooth allows you to pair two units together for even better sound. The volume control and input are placed on the front of the speaker, while there’s a small compartment at the bottom for USB Power and input for Sonos Hub, Echo, Chromecast and other wireless devices so that you can upgrade and personalize your sound system. More info

Master & Dynamic MW65 Noise-Canceling Headphones ($500; masterdynamic.com)

The Master & Dynamic MW65 Noise-Canceling Headphones are the perfect addition to your active lifestyle. The wireless headphones feature three selectable active noise-canceling modes, allowing you to to choose what works best for you and your situation. But all three modes have that warm and crisp sound that won’t get lost when canceling is activated. According to the company, they are also the comfiest to date, featuring a premium leather headband and lambskin-wrapped memory-foam ear pads. You get 24 hrs of battery life and a strong Bluetooth range in addition to built-in Google Assistant and a snugly carrying pouch so that you can store them easily and safely. More info

Filson Dryden Briefcase ($195; filson.com)

Any professional needs a good briefcase and the Filson Dryden Briefcase is one of the lightest and most stylish on the market. Made of abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon, the bag is sturdy and comfy, ready to stand up to the wear and tear of your daily life. THe bag is also water-repellent and has a double layer on the bottom for even more durability. It can also be used as a carry-on bag when traveling. There’s two big pockets on the outside, a padded sleeve that will fit 15” laptops and a trolley strap that will slide over luggage handles. More info

BioLite Carbon CampStove 2 ($230; bioliteenergy.com)

The latest BioLite Carbon CampStove 2 was created to celebrate the company’s co-founding of a new climate change non-profit called Climate Neutral. The updated Carbon CampStove 2 features a versatile burner and even more attachments that make it easier to use when out camping. It has a smokeless stove (like the standard version) that creates up to 3W of continuous power from the heat of the phone that will in turn charge other devices thanks to a built-in battery that stores energy. The LED dashboard provides all vital information on the flames and the entire thing runs on any renewable biomass, such as twigs and sticks. With the bundle, you’ll get a portable grill that has enough room for up to four burgers, a KettlePot for soups and a USB-powered FlexLight. They are donating 10% of all sales to their new non-profit, too. More info

Triumph & Disaster Field Kit ($150; triumphandisaster.com)

You never know what the journey might have in store for you, which is where Triumph & Disaster Field Kit comes in handy. The stylish bag features loads of space for whatever you need to take with you. The bag itself is made using quality materials, such as brass, leather and more, which all combine to create a durable bag that comes with a brass hook to hang it once you’ve reached your desired destination. The size makes it perfect for all of your toiletries, but you can also use it to stash all your tech accessories and gadgets in. More info

Courant CATCH:3 Wireless Charger ($175; staycourant.com)

The Courant CATCH:3 Wireless Charger will keep your devices juiced and organized. Made from fine pebble-grain Italian leather, the Courant CATCH:3 Wireless Charging Station features a 3-coil, Qi-compatible charger that will charge your iPhone or Android devices super fast. The included nylon USB-C cable connects to the devices discreetly in the back, while the recessed area sits alongside the charger to hold your keys, wallet and other essentials you need for the day. Its weighted matte aluminum alloy base prevents it from sliding around in your bag. There is also an extra USB-A outlet to charge a second device if you need to. More info

Military Altimeter Desk Clock ($65; uncrate.com)

The Military Altimeter Desk Clock looks practically identical to the altimeter instrument that’s used in the cockpits of many military aircrafts as a way to measure altitude. The desk clock is made from high-impact Polycarbonate case and features a non-functioning adjustment knob, twin pointers, glass face and will be a stylish addition to any work environment or home decor. It runs on a single AA battery (that’s included) and has a silent sweep seconds hand that gets rid of the noise many quartz clocks create. More info

Octopus Airlock LOAC 30L Backpack ($140; octopusisreal.com)

Keep your goods safe and sound while in the Octopus Airlock Backpack, which is a waterproof, airtight bag that keeps out the elements. The durable bag features a special waterproof-coated textile exterior and airtight-welded seams. The roll-top design provides easy access to the inside of the back, while the side-fastening pack-down straps keep things neat while on the goal. The sealed front pocket has welded YKK zippers, while the padded shoulder straps are comfy even when carrying heavy loads. More info

CRKT M4-02 Knife ($80; crkt.com)

The M4, designed by knife maker Kit Carson, is a classic knife and this EDC-friendly option is a must for any enthusiast. The folding knife is lightweight and has a white bone scale handle with contrasting black G10 bolsters. The stainless steel blade has a high-hollow-grind drop point and comes in a bead-blast finish that has a razor-sharp edge. There are also bronze bearings and dual stainless steel liners that both extend its wear. The outburst mechanism that springs the blade fully open after its been opened 30-degrees allows for smooth, fast action. More info