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Garmin just entered the Powersports market with a strong trio of solutions to help recreational off-roaders roam the unknown with confidence. With the new rugged Tread powersport navigator with Group Ride Radio, Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box, and the BC 40 wireless camera with tube mount, riders can hop on their side-by-side, ATV, or snowmobile to navigate rolling sand dunes, wild forest trails in the rain, or cold snow tracks in the mountains with confidence.

As off-roaders plow through challenging terrain, the weather-resistant Tread easily helps riders navigate trails and recognize land boundaries. If a group joins along for the ride, Tread’s Group Ride Radio can help keep track of their locations while the push-to-talk fist mic allows friends to stay in communication without the need for cellular coverage. Off-roaders can then use the Garmin PowerSwitch to control their vehicle’s 12-volt accessories from Tread’s glove-friendly display, conveniently activating whip lights, air compressors, differential locks, and more. By adding the BC 40 wireless camera to their side-by-side’s tube frame, flat panel, or roll cage, riders can pair with Tread for a clear view of the scenery and surrounding obstacles on the navigator’s screen.

Available now, the Tread powersport navigator has a suggested retail price of $799.99; the Garmin PowerSwitch has a suggested retail price of $499.99; the BC 40 wireless camera has a suggested retail price of $149.99 (all sold separately).

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