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We’ve got you covered so that you don’t go stir crazy or die of boredom!


Make it a cozy night of fun building this Jeep Wrangler Lego set that features the iconic boxy design of the popular rig that dates back to WWII. It’s part of Legos Technic sets that recreates the modern day, two-door Rubicon model that has 665 pieces. It features a button- operated front steering system, working front winch and an axle-articulation suspension that allows the set obstacle-tackling abilities like the real rig. It measures over 4.5” tall and is 9.5” long. $50.00


Keep your hands busy and your skills sharp with the Mindstorms Robot Inventor Set that connects to a coding app that allows you to do more than 50 different activities with the set. The Hub has a 5×5 LED screen, 6-axis gyro and a speaker. The set has 949 pieces, which include different sensors and motors, including standard Lego bricks. You can build a walking, punching robot, a musical helper, a quadruped, a brick-eating vehicle and a sports-focused robot. It’s great for all ages and comes with a rechargeable battery and digital building instructions. $399.00

With ammo pricing skyrocketing these days, you might not want to go out and practice your shot due to wanting to conserve the goods. But don’t worry… Mantis has you covered for you to practice your favorite shooting sport without having to shell out megabucks on ammo!


With the Laser Academy Training Kit that features guided drills and real-time feedback, it’s easy to keep your skills sharp. You can set up the system anywhere you’d like and get in quality reps with your own equipment to see results you can see and feel. There are a variety of drill options to keep things interesting and fun, making practice even more enjoyable instead of feeling like a chore.
It works by utilizing a laser training cartridge that drops in the chamber of your weapon, delivering a light beam down the barrel every time the firing pin strikes the round. With physical targets that you shoot, the laser “shots” of the system are then read by your phone or tablet and scored accordingly, per shooting mode.
Training modes offered in the free app include: Open Shooting – Single Target, Shot From Guard/Low Ready, Duel-Single Shot and Bullseye-Five-Shot. Both The Standard and Portable Laser Academy Kits include access to their entire library of PRO modes and any new ones, too. No more having to waste ammo or pay to go to a range given the flexibility and convenience of the system.


With the Blackbeard Auto-Resetting Trigger for the AR15 platform from Mantis, you’ll get the most realistic training with your AR possible, using your trigger, grip and sights. You won’t need to run the recharge handle between every shot either, so no training scars or development of improper muscle memory. And the optional laser indicator also enhances your training with a visual representation of where your “shots” are without ever having to waste precious ammo.
The system is easy to install yourself as it simply replaces the AR’s bolt carrier and magazine. The magazine battery pack is good for up to 100,000 shots per charge. It’s also rated to reset as quick as 10 shots per second. Blackbeard’s variety of laser options also provides even more feedback for your shooting training since it allows you to see where your shots land on your own. It can also be paired with the Laser Academy Training System for even better performance assessment.


The Polymega Modular Gaming Console is an elegant solution for those who love retro video games. It consists of a base that has a slot for CD-based gaming systems (like the Sega CD or PS1) in addition to USB ports for add ons. There’s also a series of modules that include controller ports and game slots for systems like the Genesis, NES, SNES and TurboGrafx-16. The gaming console system uses a hybrid emulation solution that relies on both Intel-based software and hardware while also supporting wireless controls. It can upscale the output of the game to 1080p using an HDMI output connection for modern displays. $449.00+


If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, this next-level paper airplane will do the trick! PowerUp’s 4.0 paper airplane propeller transforms any piece of paper into an advanced flying machine. It has a lightweight motor that features an onboard computer and stabilizers that let you fly even if there’s wind. It also has Bluetooth technology for wireless control from your smartphone and can fly for 10 minutes on a single charge. The kit comes with four paper templates and flight analytics via the app like thrust levels, heading and turn angles in real time so, you can use the data to improve your future flights. $72.00


Playing dominos never looked this good! The luxury domino set is crafted from walnut wood and carbon fiber leather, providing for sophisticated gameplay. The set also features polished-nickel and powder-coated game pieces. $695.00


When you’re stuck inside and can’t get out to practice your shot, this rubber band machine gun will help you perfect your aim. The hand-assembled, all- wooden gun is a fully automatic rubber band gun that functions like a Gatling gun. It has 17 barrels holding all the rubber bands while an electric motor rotates them around a central axis with each trigger pull. You can fire as many as 204 rubber bands before having to reload again. The box has everything you need to build the rubber band gun yourself and comes with 600 rubber bands.


Bust out your favorite old vinyl records and spin them on the Orbit Plus from U-Turn. It’s a modern, minimalist deck with a new acrylic platter for better speed consistency and clearer playback that allows you to enjoy the tunes with minimal static. The turntable comes with a precision OA2 gimbal tonearm for low distortion and accurate tracking. The external belt drive eliminates noise and keeps music speeds at where they need to be. You can choose between a few colors to match your decor, and each one will come with a built-in Plute preamp to connect directly to an Ortofon OM5E cartridge for a more neutral and balanced sound profile. $399.00