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Thursday, 24 March 2011 09:58

VIDEOS: DUB Bucket List Featured

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  Life is a collection of short moments gathered into one bucket. At the end of our time, our buckets are spilled over, highlighting our favorite memories. If you died tomorrow and all your life's greatest moments were flashed before your eyes, would you be satisfied with what you saw? If the answer is no, here are a couple ideas to top off your list (from least to most expensive)... Zorbing ( $85/day While not a true automotive experience, catapulting down a hillside while inside a giant inflatable hamster ball is an adrenaline rush in much the same way as dropping the clutch on a Bugatti Veyron.  With locations in the Smokey Mountains (Tennessee, USA) and Rotorua (New Zealand), you can find one no matter which side of the planet you happen to be on. Just watch out for those renegade Zorb's. Dragster Experience ( $349/two track runs The Doug Foley Dragster Experience, located in North Carolina, is a hands on tutoring session on the fine art of professional drag racing. You won't need a license or your own dragster, as the course includes everything you'll need (instructions and safety equipment). Your $349 will get you instruction, two 'smokey' burnouts, and two 'hard' launches down a professional track. Bolivia Death Road ( $100/trip, plus the cost of ticket to Bolivia For some, testing their limit is an all you can eat buffet. For others, it's plumeting down an unpaved Bolivian road, with nothing more than a pair of handlebars between their face and the dirt. It ain't called “Death Road” for all the people who have survived this massive 11,800 foot drop via bicycle or vehicle. Just ask the crew from Top Gear... Rickshaw Run ( $1,500/5000 km journey, plus airfare 150cc's of fighting fury may not seem like much of an adrenaline rush, until you consider a rickshaw is about as reliable as a dump truck in the North Pole. Throw in some of India's most perilous desserts, jungles, and mountains (Himalayan), and the Rickshaw run is like a slow paced Cannonball Run... Ultimate USA Driving Tour ( $14,900/ultimate USA Nascar/Supercar experience From May 26 through June 2, you will get the opportunity to take several laps around the Michigan International Speedway in your own NASCAR. Next, you'll fly to Indianapolis to watch the Indy 500. Then it's back on a plane to Las Vegas, where you'll have the opportunity to drive a selection of supercars through the Grand Canyon, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes.