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Check out the raw and unedited footage of off-roading in the Polaris Factory Racing RZR, along with drone footage of the team tearing around Johnson Valley. This thrilling footage showcases the power and speed of the Factory RZR vehicles as they fly over jumps, skid around corners, float through whoops, and kick up dust with their new race rigs.

The drone provides a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Lasertown and the surrounding valley, highlighting the twists and turns of the desert course. The sound of roaring engines and the buzz of the drone provide the soundtrack for this hour-long footage of rocky canyons and dusty flats. It’s an exhilarating perspective to see the RZRs in action, capturing the energy and excitement of off-road racing in its purest form and offering a glimpse into the heart of the sport.

BrandAmp: Media Day

Drone Footage: Spazbo.fpv