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Jimco has perfected the luxury prerunner category with their new “Reaper” vehicle platform. When you are going to run thousands of miles pre-running in the scorching deserts of Baja it pays to be fast and comfortable. The Jimco Reaper gives you the best of both worlds with an 800hp Dougans Big Block 8 stack that runs on regular pump gas to the pleated leather interior cooled by dual AC Jimco cool air units.

Do your race home work in absolute style and comfort in Custom MasterCraft Pro4 seats and a MOMO suede steering wheel. With the Jimco Reaper You don’t have to compromise on suspension with 26” of wheel travel in the front and 32” in the rear utilising FOX 4.0 and 4.4 bypass shocks.

The entire package is wrapped in a custom FORD Fiberglass Raptor body sitting on 17” TrailReady Beadlock Wheels and 40″ BFGoodrich KR3 Race Tires. This custom Jimco Reaper was created for L. A. Dodgers owner Bobby Patton.Hang a plate on this bad boy and take it downtown and the whole city jealous!